maandag 16 februari 2009

Wmic timezone registry bug in Vista / Server 2008 / Windows 7

Last week I discovered a bug in Windows Server 2008 with the wmic command on these versions of Windows: Server 2008 x86, x64, standard, enterprise, Vista and Windows 7 (7000)

When the Wmic command is run the timezone registry keys change. Also with hotfix 959516 (this hotfix is only tested on enterprise x86)

registry key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\TimeZoneInformation

DaylightName = @tzres.dll,-321
StandardName = @tzres.dll,-322
TimeZoneKeyName = W. Europe Standard Time

Run command: “wmic computersystem set AutomaticManagedPagefile=False”

DaylightName = W. Europe Daylight Time
StandardName = W. Europe Standard Time
TimeZoneKeyName = [empty]

Oobe.exe (initial configuration tasks) displays “Time Zone: Unknown”

Change the time zone to another zone and back to the original value.

Microsoft premier support confirmed the bug. I'm waiting for an answer/solution.