zondag 28 juni 2009

het is een meisje, Lydia

Zaterdag 27 juni om 05.05 is er een meisje geboren in huize Van Wijck!
Ze heet Lydia en weegt 3900 gram.

maandag 16 februari 2009

Wmic timezone registry bug in Vista / Server 2008 / Windows 7

Last week I discovered a bug in Windows Server 2008 with the wmic command on these versions of Windows: Server 2008 x86, x64, standard, enterprise, Vista and Windows 7 (7000)

When the Wmic command is run the timezone registry keys change. Also with hotfix 959516 (this hotfix is only tested on enterprise x86)

registry key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\TimeZoneInformation

DaylightName = @tzres.dll,-321
StandardName = @tzres.dll,-322
TimeZoneKeyName = W. Europe Standard Time

Run command: “wmic computersystem set AutomaticManagedPagefile=False”

DaylightName = W. Europe Daylight Time
StandardName = W. Europe Standard Time
TimeZoneKeyName = [empty]

Oobe.exe (initial configuration tasks) displays “Time Zone: Unknown”

Change the time zone to another zone and back to the original value.

Microsoft premier support confirmed the bug. I'm waiting for an answer/solution.